Frequently asked questions

How Will Voting Yes Impact My Taxes?

The April 6 Referendum will have zero impact on your taxes if passed. If the referendum is to be passed, there will be no tax increase. Voting no will cause taxes to fluctuate over the next few years.

Will Schools Be Closed or Consolidated?

No! Unlike the November 2020 Referendum, this upcoming referendum (April 6) will not result in any schools in the Wausau School District being closed.

Will There Be Reboundaring of School Lines?

No! This referendum will have zero impact on the current boundary of schools within the Wausau School District.

Are Schools Open?

Yes! All Wausau Schools gave parents the option to return their students to in-person learning in November 2020. Recently the WSD Board members voted to extend that option to secondary students, grades 6-12, beginning March 1st 2021. News link about the recent board vote:

How Can Voting Yes Not Increase My Taxes?

Voting YES for the April 6th referendum will NOT increase your taxes as new debt will replace expiring debt. Voting NO would minimally lower your taxes the first year, taxes would drop further in year two followed by an increase in the third year due to a significant loss of state aid.

What Happens if the Referendum Doesn't Pass on April 6?

Our facility needs will NOT go away. Projects would be deferred even further. Costs of waiting will increase significantly and we run the risk of unexpected emergency repairs that cost more (Example: PA Systems at West for emergency) Schools like Riverview, Stettin, and South Mountain – which are currently experiencing growth – would require the District to cap or reduce open enrollment and could lead to an adjustment of boundaries to alleviate overcrowding. Students and staff would continue to struggle with social and emotional needs that impact school climate and learning.

Why Now?

If we wait until the next opportunity allowed by State Law – April of 2022 – it would mean one additional year before projects could begin. This means another year of students missing out and significant cost increases due to inflation and the potential of significant interest rate increases. The estimated impact of waiting on a project this size using conservative estimates is $20-$30 million dollars.

How Do I Register for an Absentee Ballot?

You can visit for more information regarding registered for an Absentee Ballot.

How Can I Stay in the Loop with the Upcoming Referendum?

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