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Simple Dream Gives Back - Testimonials

The Inuit Girls Therapeutic Workshop

Inuit Girls Workshop

The Workshop offers girls between 13 and 17 years old a journaling activity.


Often, they are stressed about carrying the weight of family responsibilities and family secrets. Yet, they want to tell the truth about their experiences.


This activity provides a safe and structured environment where the girls can express themselves and start the healing process.


The journal selections from Simple Dream boost their self-esteem and give them a sense of being valued.​

Here are some testimonies from the girls:

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“When I was little my mom left my dad because he hit her and my 19 year old brother he was
8 years old at the time. And I am scared to be in a relationship because of that reason help me being in this group and write about this for the first time and let others know my story.”


“I think sexual harassment is a very strong topic for girls. Girls might get scared to go outside and interact with boys. It's hard for us to deal with this type of stuff. Girls are afraid or don’t want to deal with this. I want somebody that has power to talk to boys about what it feels like to be a girl with these problems. Girls need a lot of help to solve these problems.this group encourages us to speak up. That words are powerful.”

“I don’t think I have anyone to talk to about my problems. I can hardly trust my friends.
I got to talk to the group and share our stories and know that I am not the only one.”



“I think it’s a place where I won’t be judged, unlike maybe school or at home. At school,
I have many friends. I have a lot of friends but they don’t like the real me. They try to undermine my self-esteem, although I try to ignore them. In this place, I want to be myself and everyone to still like me. I want this place to be more than a meeting once a week. I want it to be my place to talk, write and relax without someone laughing at me or yelling at me.”

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