Simple Dream

Umbrellas (Classic)

Simple Dream Umbrella (Fleur de Lys)

Simple Dream Umbrella (Fleur de Lys)


Matching printed pouch

High quality water repelling pongee fabric

8 Structural ribs with windproof fiberglass components

Automatic opening & manually closed 3-Fold mechanism

Matching printed pouch

Open diameter: 40"

Closed diameter: 11.5"

Size: W:52mm H:52mm

Size: W2.04” H: 2.04”

Weight: 340 grams

SKU: 23-01-74-01

A charming and durable travel sized umbrella.This product features: a matching printed pouch, bright quality water repelling pongee fabric, 8 structural ribs with windproof fiberglass components, automatically opened & manually closed 3-Fold mechanism. It is a classic high quality umbrella, perfect to keep those gray days at bay. Experience the difference that quality makes with Simple Dream!


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